Responsible Innovation


Innovative technologies carry unintended impacts. How should organizations anticipate and manage those impacts? Failure to appreciate and minimize the negative effects of new technologies can result in moral catastrophe and business failure.

We devise frameworks that position our clients as industry leaders on the responsible stewardship of emerging technologies. Compass Ethics experts work at the cutting edge of research on the ethics of emerging technologies, and we specialize in anticipating risks that others cannot foresee. We help you navigate benefit and burden distribution, assignment of responsibility, and other key ethical decision-points.

Questions we navigate:
•    What are the risks from both proper use and misuse of our product?
•    How can the benefits and burdens of our product be fairly shared?
•    How should risk mitigation be shared with partners and customers?
•    What are the red lines for the methods we use or the products we develop?
•    How should we balance the negative and positive impacts of our products?


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