Corporate Stance

Analyzing your hardest cultural and social challenges is our life’s work.

Businesses are increasingly expected to speak out on controversial social issues and clarify their positive social impact. But how can you develop positions that balance disagreements among stakeholders, mitigate conflicts of interest, and respect the limits of corporate power?

Compass can build you a Corporate Stance decision tool you can use to evaluate social issues and reason your way through them. This tool is not off-the-shelf—we will design it together, starting with a “factor analysis” that makes sense of existing commitments, stakeholder interests, and internal debates, and supplemented with both data about best practices and insights from ethical theory.

Questions we navigate:
•    When should we speak out on social issues?
•    What evidence should we use to support our position?
•    How do we ensure that social positions align with our company ethos and values?
•    How do we balance our business interests and social responsibilities?
•    How should we take account of ideological disagreements among our stakeholders?