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Compass Ethics is an ethics advisory firm and a network of experts in applied ethics with a strong academic pedigree. We advise senior leaders on complex ethical challenges and help organizations develop the tools and policies to anchor action in enduring principles. Our team includes senior academics at leading research universities and management consultants with extensive cross-sectoral experience. Our offerings target a wide range of organizational challenges, including forecasting and mitigating ethical risks, policy development and review, and making high-stakes decisions about public policy, social activism, responsible innovation, employee relations, customer acquisitions, product use, AI ethics, and more. We consist of over 25 subject-matter experts, including world leading AI and emerging technology ethicists, seasoned consultants, lawyers, and policy experts.

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Responsible AI

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Artificial intelligence creates boundless opportunities for growth and progress—and equally boundless risks of harm. Organizations that develop or use AI-enabled tools must be responsible...Read More >>>

Responsible Innovation

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Innovative technologies carry unintended impacts. How should organizations anticipate and manage those impacts? Failure to appreciate and minimize the negative effects of new technologies...Read More >>>

Corporate Stance

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Businesses are increasingly expected to speak out on controversial social issues and clarify their positive social impact. But how can you develop positions that balance disagreements among...Read More >>>

Guiding Principles

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Guiding principles keep an organization on course amid inevitable ethical tensions and trade-offs. Companies without guiding principles run the risk of wasting time, talent,...Read More >>>

Responsible Stakeholder Engagement

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Who deserves a seat at the table? Whose interests should be considered, and what weight do they carry?  Our approach to responsible stakeholder engagement ensures...Read More >>>

Ethical Acquisitions & Partnerships

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Organizations need reasonable assurance that their products will not be used negligently or maliciously, and that the partnerships they forge uphold their core values....Read More >>>

Ethics Boards and Leadership

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An ethics advisory board or a C-suite ethics office can guard against mistakes with constructive criticism, in-house expertise, and implementing methods of sustaining progress...Read More >>>

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Workplaces can be sites of belonging – places where the people doing the work are well represented, where everyone experiences support and trust, and...Read More >>>

Ethics Risk Assessment and Strategy

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Running an organization means taking ethical risks. They may arise from the products and services you offer, the internal processes you employ, or the...Read More >>>


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