Ethics Risk Assessment and Strategy

Innovative technologies carry unintended impacts. How should organizations anticipate and manage those impacts?

Running an organization means taking ethical risks. They may arise from the products and services you offer, the internal processes you employ, or the company you keep.

Ethical risks include risks of harm and wrongdoing, complicity, abuse of power, corruption, integrity failures, bias and exclusion, and more.  

Ethical risks are part of doing business. You can’t avoid them, but you can anticipate and mitigate them. 

We help organizations see what’s coming. We map ethical risks and tradeoffs, clarify core values and priorities, and establish policies to uphold commitments in the face of competing pressures.  

Questions we navigate:
•    What are the most significant ethical risks of our product/service or operations?
•    What is the scope of our responsibility?
•    What risk mitigation strategies are feasible or optimal for us?
•    How can we move from a defensive ethical position to ethical leadership in our sector?