Guiding Principles

Our answers are not best guesses. They’re grounded in bedrock analysis.

Guiding principles keep an organization on course amid inevitable ethical tensions and trade-offs. Companies without guiding principles run the risk of wasting time, talent, and stakeholder trust—but with clear principles in place comes consistency, a unified culture, and greater confidence. Our approach to guiding principles can shape operational decisions across all areas of the business.

Drawing on your organization’s core values, stakeholder input, and moral theory, we articulate principles that can be operationalized in systems and policies.

Questions we navigate:
•    How can we use our power responsibly?
•    Which values are fundamental to who we are and what we do?
•    How can the positions we take respect disagreements among our stakeholders?
•    How do we define and apply the values we hold dear?
•    How do we navigate conflicts between different values?