Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Workplaces can be sites of belonging…

Workplaces can be sites of belonging – places where the people doing the work are well represented, where everyone experiences support and trust, and where meaningful opportunities for advancement and growth are accessible.

DEI principles are embedded throughout the way Compass works, because ethics research has long involved attention to groups and perspectives that are marginalized, oppressed, or under-represented. So when we approach DEI initiatives, we begin with fresh research–asking questions, listening closely to answers, and learning. 

Genuine, transformative DEI solutions do not come in neat packages. This work is context-dependent, and when you work with Compass, you will end up with principles and practices suited to your particular business and culture. 

Questions we navigate:
– How are different employees and other stakeholders experiencing our workplace?
– How does DEI relate to our existing mission, values, and purpose? 
– DEI is widespread, and it’s also changing. What are firms across the world learning about DEI initiatives, and how do those lessons apply to us?
– How do we operationalize DEI? What habits and practices will create a culture of belonging? How can we evaluate existing systems to support a culture of belonging?