Responsible Stakeholder Engagement

Who deserves a seat at the table?

Who deserves a seat at the table? Whose interests should be considered, and what weight do they carry?  Our approach to responsible stakeholder engagement ensures respect for all people involved—while not allowing decisions to be dictated by power imbalances or convenience. We help clients create a framework to systematize stakeholder engagement.

Our team will identify which groups matter, what your obligation to each group is, and how to balance stakeholder input with other key moral questions.

Questions we navigate:
•    Is anyone at risk of being negatively harmed by our work?
•    Who can speak for each of our different stakeholders??
•    How much weight should each stakeholder group carry when interests clash?
•    Who should get a seat at the table in the decisions we make?
•    Who should we engage with to ensure our work is doing good?