AI and Your Business

Do you have AI safeguards in place?

AI is not coming for your business.
It’s already arrived.

Whether you know it or not, your company—and the software your company uses—is using AI to:

• Communicate with customers and partners
• Screen job applicants
• Identify new customers and markets
• Develop efficiencies to scale your work

And much more. AI is baked into your work.

Do you want to use AI well?
Or do you want to let AI use you?

You can have confident, clear AI principles.

You can have a strong AI direction that serves you and your customers, partners, and team members well.

Compass can help.

We can help you do the right thing.

We can tackle your questions with confidence.

We can make sure AI works for you.

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The Five Things You Need to Know About AI and Your Business


Three Steps to AI Ethics

Let’s Talk

Every business needs a custom guide to AI. The rules of engagement vary according to your mission, business plan, customer base, and organizational values.

Why? Because the official AI regulations in the United States and Europe don’t go very far—and most of them are not even in effect yet.

So let’s talk about you. Within a quick-but-deep discovery process, our experts will understand your unique situation and determine the internal AI guidelines that matter for you.

Let’s Create

Ethical principles to guide AI are not something you pull off a shelf. They’re something you create and customize for your unique business.

Compass experts will draw on the best available existing research. If needed, we’ll conduct fresh research that suits your situation.

Then, together, we’ll draw up principles of AI engagement rooted in your core values and goals. We’ll apply those principles in live settings with your teams, partners, and/or customers. We’ll ensure they work for you—keeping you safe, steady, and certain as you work with AI into the future.

Let’s Go

Strong ethical policies keep you looking forward.

With a clear AI ethics plan in place, we can deploy it across your business. We can communicate with your customers, partners, and employees.

We can keep you focused on the main thing rather than being distracted with AI risks.

So let’s talk, let’s create, and let’s go.

Take the First Step. How can we help?


Who we are

Compass is a team of problem-solvers.

We’ve solved problems for Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, and NGOs around the world.

Our consultants consist of the world’s top experts in applied ethics, including senior academics at leading research universities.

We’re philosophers. But we’re not stuck in libraries and lecture halls. We deploy ethical expertise into the real world.

When we say we have subject-matter expertise in AI ethics, we mean we employ some of the world’s leading minds on the issue—the people publishing peer-reviewed scholarship and shaping the deepest conversations.

We advise senior leaders on the most complex challenges and controversies they face. We develop tools and policies that anchor action in enduring principles.

Compass is a unique advisory firm. We’re more than capable of addressing the unique problems you need to solve.

Free Download:
The Five Things You Need to Know About AI and Your Business


What are the consequences of doing nothing?

AI is moving fast. You can’t keep up with all the changes, because they are not just happening every day—they are happening every hour, even every minute.

At that speed of change, you need safety. You need to stay rooted.

Good AI intentions won’t get you very far. You need ethical expertise that can help you take stock of the complex dilemmas and trade-offs AI ethicists have been studying for years.

Relying on the best intentions of AI firms won’t get you very far, either. The mission of AI developers is not the same as your mission. They are not worried about your reputation or the sustainability of your business. They are not worried about your safety.

Having sound AI ethical policies can protect you from harms—the ones you already see, and the ones you don’t.

Let’s build those policies together.

Because at the end of the day, no one wants to face hard questions about their use of AI.

Take the First Step. How can we help?