Organizational Ethics

How many stakeholders does your organization reach? Knowing your company’s core values is essential to having a positive, people-centered impact. Compass’ leading team of ethics experts is dedicated to helping you build a culture and set of organizational values that protects and promotes respect, dignity, and well-being among all your stakeholders.

What is organizational ethics?

Business leaders used to think only about financial stakes. Now, successful leaders know they must consider stakeholders as well: people in the organization, community partners, and the broader public that might be affected by an organization’s work and market activity.

This shift is important. It takes critical thought and practical skill to craft a people-centered, stakeholder-friendly, and sustainable business plan. Our experts can guide you through key areas:

Internal policy:

Responsible innovation: New products and insights often come with serious ethical questions. Be ahead of the curve by factoring ethics into your innovations.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice: We live in a rapidly developing, diverse world. Your business can navigate with grace and care while working with people from all backgrounds.

Internal organizational ethics: Every organization has internal conflicts. and ethical concerns—corporate democracy, labor policy, internal DEI, and more. We can help you find a fair way forward that you can communicate with everyone.

Social impact:

Stakeholder respect: Consider fully who in the community your business touches and how you can make sure you treat them with respect and dignity.

The public good and social impact: Consider the broader public. How will your products and services impact the world at large?

Corporate stance: Your business may at times be pressured to speak on controversial social issues. How can you develop positions that balance disagreements among stakeholders, mitigate conflicts of interest, and respect the limits of corporate power?

Why choose our team of business ethicists?

In a dynamic business environment, ethical challenges will arise. From data privacy concerns and DEI to environmental impact and the long-term future, navigating these complexities requires a specialized approach.

That’s where our team shines.

We’re not just theorists—we’re a team with real-world experience, armed with a deep understanding of established ethical frameworks. But we don’t stop there. We stay constantly updated on emerging trends and industry-specific ethical considerations.

We offer a collaborative problem-solving approach, working closely with your team to truly understand your specific situation. We analyze the various stakeholders involved, considering the potential impact of your decisions on all parties. We keep a watchful eye on evolving norms and regulations, ensuring your business practices remain responsible and sustainable in the long run.

We serve your long-term reputation. Consider the last few years in headlines. The news is filled with cases of tech, finance, aerospace, and other organizations in headlines committing a rights violation, neglecting the public good, or otherwise damaging public trust.

These ethical missteps often put millions of dollars of shareholder value at risk. Having an ethical organization isn’t just morally important—it’s good business.

By partnering with us, you gain more than just expert advice. You gain a trusted advisor who can guide you toward making informed, ethical decisions that strengthen your business reputation, build trust with stakeholders, and contribute to long-term success.

Past projects

We’ve helped a variety of organizations overcome their ethical challenges.

A high-profile governmental agency sought to determine bioethical principles, establish an oversight body, and consider key ethical challenges for work involving human augmentation. We crafted guidelines and principles to allow them to navigate this cutting-edge domain with clarity.

A leading biotech company needed a clear and reliable framework to guide their internal decision-making and public-facing communication. We created a set of core principles and actionable policies that provided them with the guidelines necessary to make hard internal decisions. We also crafted a prioritization system for when and how to take public stances on current events .

A workforce management company asked us to aid in multiple projects: determining their core values, clarifying organizational structure, and conducting a substantial DEI overhaul. We also took on side projects to ensure their ethics principles were embraced across the organization.

An innovative AI startup needed help determining fair use and sales strategies for their products. They sought the most effective way to distribute responsibility for ethical decision-making across the organization. We crafted core internal principles, then designed an org chart and flowchart to ensure each actor in the decision-chain understood their responsibilities.

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