Ethics Reviews, Audits, & Assurance

In order to be accountable to its stakeholders, an organization may require an ethics review or audit of its business practices. In such cases, you need an independent, credible third party with strong ethics expertise and organizational experience. Responsible organizations know that by holding themselves accountability through rigorous reviews and audits, they can build assurance and trust with all parties.

We conduct rigorous, careful, experienced ethics reviews of all kinds across all sectors. We have served in this capacity from small tech start-ups to large corporate entities, from militaries and national associations to international NGOs and businesses. Compass Ethics reviews can be stand alone, independent projects with clear, unambiguous results offering concrete and tangible recommendations. However, at other times, our review process is often coupled with follow-on strategic work to improve ethics and compliance practices for a client in light of the learnings of the review. In some areas, Compass Ethics can also provide formal audits that meet the requirements of key regulations and regulators; especially in areas of newly emerging regulatory compliance, such as AI.

Questions we navigate:

  • How ethically sound is our organization?
  • What material risks do we face from strategic ethical gaps?
  • Are our practices, processes, and governance approaches best equipped to mitigate ethical risk?
  • What changes can our organization make to ensure better ethical outcomes?
  • Do we meet the ethics regulatory requirements of a new legal regime in our sector or industry?
  • Do we have appropriate, independent oversight and accountability?
  • Can our stakeholders trust us to stay true to our ethical commitments?